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Grains Middle East Trading DWC-LLC maintains a powerful belief in the importance of creating a comprehensive & integrated value chain framework across its various areas of specialization, such as strategic direction for growing the company’s portfolio of activities, additional it works in transforming the operation model based on two crucial pillars:
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Vertical Integration:

• Engagement throughout the agribusiness cycle; from farming to marketing.
• Ensure strategic independence and mitigation against market volatility and trading risks.
• Bypass intermediaries wherever possible and acquire greater control over the supply chain elements.
• Fulfill seamless delivery of products and services at lower costs, along with faster delivery time frames.

Lateral Expansion:

• Consolidate operations in order to achieve economies of a scale and ensure a leading market position.
• Ensure that value chains are generated at a local level and extended into the global network.
• Offer end-customers a wider product range with improved quality and competitiveness.

Business Concept


The concept of Grains Middle East Trading DWC-LLC relates to the following: commodity trading and origination, agricultural investment, production and trading of vegetable oil, protein meals trading, and shipping and port handling operations. The company has accessibility to agricultural commodities originating from Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Argentina, and Brazil.

+1 Million Tons

Grains Middle East Trading DWC-LLC trades over a million tons of grains and vegetable oil from Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Argentina, and Brazil.