We trade more than A Million Tons of Grains and Vegetable Oil Worldwide.




Grains Middle East Trading DWC is an agro trading company with a wide range of products such as wheat, corn, soybeans and vegetable oil, exported from finest farms in Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Brazil and Argentine to Middle East

The company have huge storage facilities around the world for more efficient logistics worldwide.

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Our History

Working to create a safe and sustainable future.

We trade with the most valued products in the grain market such as Wheat, Soybean, Sunflower seeds, Maize, Barley, Sunflower oil, Sunflower Meal and Soybean Meal. The company doesn’t intend to stop at our currently achieved results and is ready for cooperation with partners in new areas.



We are Innovative




Grains Middle East Trading is one of the leading grain traders in UAE. It manages the most developed and extensive grain supply chain on the local market. This allows the Grains Middle East to buy grains from hundreds of farmers at farm gate, and to further process and distribute to port transshipment terminals.




With consumer markets for vegetable oil in every part of the world and a global network of farmers and producers, we can supply a wide range of Refined and Crude oil products, managing every stage of the supply chain on your behalf. We can also work with you to identify suppliers that meet your quality and environmental sustainability standards




Our terminals are strategically located on major inland waterways: the Prut and Danube River. This location serves as an optimal export transshipment point for grains and crude oil. The facilities are designed for rapid unload, secure storage and timely distribution, providing a material freight cost efficiency compared to the rail and trucks shipment.

Egypt - Cairo

Middle East Grains & Oils Congress

Grains Middle East Trading DWC being a leading grain trader of Middle East became a gold sponsor of the International conference Middle East Grains & Oils Congress-2021.

Grains Middle East Trading DWC specializes on export of wheat, corn, soybeans, sunflower seed, meals and vegetable oils from Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Brazil and Argentine to Middle East. The company owns grain storages all over the world to provide more effective supply of products to buyers.

Besides, today Grains Middle East Trading is extending its activity on the market of UAE as well as is building the partnership relations with different state bodies and commercial customers for supply of the main products.


Fertilisers & Chemicals Trading

Having a strategic position with most of the fertilizer suppliers in Europe, our fertilizer trading and marketing activities cover all regions and most countries of the world.
We cover a broad range of fertilizer raw materials, fertilizers for blending and fertilizers for direct application as well as some chemicals related to the fertilizer industry or based on the same raw materials.
Our trading and marketing activities are based on close and long-standing ties to the producers and distributors, economies of scale and strong financing capabilities.